Bolt Home Security Will Partner With You to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Home security is a partnership agreement. That means both you and the security company you work with both need to do their part to make sure a home is less inviting for criminals. Even if you have the best possible home monitoring in place, the security of your home will be undermined if you do not follow a few simple tips.

Criminals Know What You Do Not Know

Why do so many homeowners fall victim to thieves and burglars? Basically, they know more about home security than homeowners due. A burglar can easily spot those homes that have serious security lapses that make entering the property quite easy. Homeowners are not well versed on the subject of home security so they commonly make mistakes that make a home more vulnerable. These errors can go undetected for years until tragedy strikes. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to such problems. Follow a few basic tips that make trying to break into your home too difficult for the average thief.

Basic Tips for Improving Home Security

  • Do not leave first floor windows open when you are not monitoring them. Sure, that cold breeze at night helps you save on your air conditioner bills. Opening the windows or leaving them unlocked does come with a major risk...thieves can enter through those windows.
  • Lock your doors. Purchase industrial strength locks. You might be surprised to hear this, but one of the most common ways to break into a home does not involve breaking anything. They simple try the door handle and, if it is not locked, they just walk in. If the door is locked and the locks are weak in quality, breaking through the door with force is fairly easy.
  • Cut all shrubs and trees that are giving cover to crooks. Crooks will employ forcible entry to access your home. The cover overgrown trees and shrubs offer can give them the cover to do so undetected.
  • Make sure the exterior of your home is well lit. Burglars love the cover of darkness. When there is very little light, they will be able to pry open doors and windows. However, they will need cover to do so and darkness may afford them the cover they require. Simple, low cost motion detection lights can reduce the potential of this occurring.
  • Work with or organize a neighborhood watch. One thing criminals love is when their job is made as easy as possible. Once thieves learn a neighborhood watch is in effect, they might venture far away from your home.
  • Install quality alarms in your home. A burglar is not exactly going to hang around when he trips a door or window alarm.
  • Most Importantly, Work with an Effective Home Security Company

With the right home security service overseeing many of the steps to secure your home with locks, alarms, security cameras and other devices, you make it even more difficult for crooks to enter your house.

We Here at Michael Bolt Home Security Systems Will Do What We Can to Help Safeguard Your Home